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Our Story

PAR NATURAL was founded in 2007 by three holistic practitioners from different backgrounds but with the same mission and vision. Under their tireless leadership, PAR NATURAL has expanded into the international level and have created countless success stories with their patients. 


Recognizing the lack of balance in today’s modern lifestyles, starting a holistic treatment using other brands are unsustainable for many patients due to the excessive cost of supplementary food. In some cases, patients suffer from loss of appetite due to illness and are unable to follow the prescribed diet plan.


After much research and testing, our holistic practitioners and medical experts have designed and produced a nutrient-rich tablet that helps strengthen and repair body organs whilst alleviating moods. Traditional Chinese medicine firmly believe that emotions and diets are closely connected to physical health.

The holistic practitioners also realized over the years the dramatic increase in all chronic diseases, cancer and emotional imbalance not only in adults but also children during our outpatient treatment. After many successful cases, PAR NATURAL began to gradually increase the range of our products to integrate the current needs of modern society.


PAR NATURAL believes that everyone should let your body be your own mentor, exude positive energy from the inside out and enjoy the beauty of life.

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